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Cultivation Online
Cultivation Online

NovelCultivation OnlineCultivation Online
Chapter 247 A Year Ago wacky agonizing
Yuan then spelled out the matter to her.
Following coming to Crimson Pearl Metropolis, Yu Rou logged over the game to let Xia Jingyi know.
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“Have this. If you’re ever at an increased risk, use the lifespan-protecting treasures inside of.”
“How could they will do something such as this, far less to their personal child?! That’s your hard earned money! Something you gained! They may have no right to use it by you! As well as to assume they made it happen recently! Fully shameless and nauseating!” Yu Rou exclaimed, quickly feeling enraged.
“Don’t even mention it.” Feng Yuxiang explained, and she continuing, “Anyways, I will return to the Fresh Master’s area now. But before I depart…”
“Anyways, it’s definitely delayed, and we also have institution tomorrow, so let’s have fun with up coming end of the week.”
Right after spending a few hours with Yu Rou, Feng Yuxiang couldn’t guide but probe Yu Rou’s body together divine power, and also to her surprise, she remarked that Yu Rou and Yuan belonged to a different bloodline!
Cultivation Online
“Bring this. If you’re ever in peril, simply use lifespan-preserving treasures interior.”
“You don’t have to…” Yu Rou hesitated to just accept such priceless treasures absolutely free.
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‘Perhaps that is why they can used me on the initial place— simply because they can discard me each time they feel like it given that I’m not their actual kid.’ Yuan sighed inwardly.
“Consider this. If you’re ever in peril, use lifespan-protecting treasures in.”
Even without tasting Yu Rou’s blood, as a phoenix arizona along with a Divine Monster, she has the ability to investigate one’s bloodline just by in close connection with them, although she was curious about their authentic relations.h.i.+p, Feng Yuxiang didn’t dare to probe too deeply in their organization.
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If she recalls correctly, not actually mentioning your money Yuan had won from major compet.i.tions, his moms and dads would acquire huge amount of money each and every time Yuan continued the level to complete when in front of an audience. The truth is, the larger performances easily received them tens of millions. It can be safe to the.s.sume that Yuan was the Yu Family’s gold goose, as a result why his families anxiously waited such a long time just before officially abandoning him.
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Feng Yuxiang reached into her spatial ring and retrieved a little green pouch just before passing it to Yu Rou.
Right after a instant of silence, Yu Rou reluctantly accepted the treasures. “Thanks, Feng Feng. I’ll definitely reimburse you at some point.”
After the moment of silence, Yu Rou reluctantly approved the treasures. “Many thanks, Feng Feng. I’ll definitely pay back you down the road.”
In addition, Yuan would execute almost every second day, of course, if he had not been carrying out for an crowd, he can be partic.i.p.ating in compet.i.tions, and that he have this for quite some time. One can safely a.s.sume that Yuan got attained the Yu Loved ones hundreds of millions of dollars otherwise billions when he was actively playing for them.
“How could they will do such as this, far less to the possess daughter?! That’s your hard earned dollars! A thing you received! They have no straight to take it from you! Also to assume they did it during the past year! Completely shameless and revolting!” Yu Rou exclaimed, right away experiencing enraged.
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Even so, regardless of all the things he’s performed and offered them, the Yu Loved ones discarded him after they regarded as him unproductive, and in many cases more serious, they had been shameless enough for taking what little he got left, leaving him with literally almost nothing.
“Well… It’s about my banking institution account… It’s thoroughly unfilled.” Yuan claimed within a sighing speech.
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Cultivation Online
On the other hand, irrespective of everything he’s done and offered them, the Yu Family members thrown away him once they deemed him unproductive, and even more serious, these people were shameless enough to consider what small he obtained left, leaving behind him with literally almost nothing.
“Well… It’s about my bank account… It’s entirely vacant.” Yuan mentioned within a sighing sound.
“Anyway, since my mother and father get access to that accounts, I cannot make use of it anymore. I am going to need a new bank-account. But how do you open just one?” Yuan asked a minute in the future.
‘No ponder why the Small Master is very accomplished whilst his sister is sort of lacking… Hence they weren’t similar from the beginning…’ Feng Yuxiang shown to herself.
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“What? Already? That’s excellent quick! How have you practice it?” Xia Jingyi’s shocked voice resounded shortly after.
Right after dangling up the mobile phone, Yu Rou attended knock on Yuan’s entrance.
‘I don’t possess profit my banking accounts? How’s that potential? I haven’t handled it since I bought it!’ Yuan pondered for a second well before comprehending a thing.
“Look forward to a 2nd, Yu Rou. Before you go, I have some thing to inform you.”

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